Wtf is that? A storm elemental?

Ball lightning fuck me all the way up

Excuse me what the fuck is this

you literally captured whats called “ball lightning” which is the rarest form of lighting

its so rare that we dont even know how it forms other than by heat, static electricity, and humidity

storm elemental it is

look guys this is how nature-based deities and spirits come about this is ridiculous

Are you aware that the first-ever video footage of ball lightning outside a laboratory was taken in 2014 and there are only like 3 or 4 videos like this in existence and this might be the most close-up one


An artificial womb used to help premature lambs fully develop after birth. This study is led by Alan Flake at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. According to an interesting comment by Winterplatypus:

“This is all about finding a way so the baby doesn’t have to breathe. Before you are born you get oxygen from the placenta via the umbilical cord.

Unborn babies cant drown because their lungs are already full of fluid, but if there is a problem with the placenta they can die from not having oxygen. When you are born, the placenta stops working and you have to start breathing.

The lambs don’t drown because they are transferred to the bag before they start breathing (before they are born), they still get oxygenated blood from their umbilical cord. The big tube attached to the bag has the umbilical cord inside it, it goes off to a machine that adds oxygen.

One of the main reasons why they are trying to develop this technology is because sometimes the fluid surrounding the baby gets infected with bacteria. When that happens the doctors have to get the baby out even if it’s too early. The baby suddenly has to start breathing but its lungs haven’t developed properly yet, so they get a lot of problems relating to breathing. It’s kind of a big deal because there was no alternative to breathing before.”

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