Whitenight and the Wagner

A delightful PBS short documentary video about the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia, which is a Victorian natural history museum featuring old-fashioned cabinet displays of taxidermy, skeletons, and other preserved specimens. Also featured is the fantastic collection of John Whitenight. Whitenight’s treasures include a dazzling array of Victorian objects under glass domes (such as taxidermy, preserved plants, and automatons), as well as mourning hairwork pieces.

That collection has me in awe.

Spectacular Victorian Himalayan Monals , by Rowland Ward.
(Via eBay)

The Monal is in the pheasant family and is recognised as the national bird of Nepal. The stunningly bright plumage only occurs in males. The female, as with most birds, is dull in comparison. While there are some issues with poaching, the Himalayan Monal is listed as least concern, so it is not threatened as a species.