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Here’s some fat Joss pics for your kind words about my snakes! :3 Posting as its own post though so you can see the pics fullsize.

Bothrochilus albertisii


The first two images are striped Borneo Short-Tail Pythons owned by Blood Bourn Reptiles.  Bred by Matt Minetola. 

The next three are some interesting babies from a Borneo clutch from Blood Bourn.  When we talk about Borneo genetics being crazy, hard to understand, and unpredictable, this is what we mean!!!!

The last three are from another crazy variable clutch!

Again, these are all Borneo Short-Tail Pythons!!!!!!! Amazing animals.


This is my last clutch for 2014 of Ringed Pythons hatched the other day and are going into their first shed! First few clutches have fed and are ready to ship. If you have emailed me and been on the list and have not received an email back recently, please contact me again. Thanks

Waiting on a response from Tom about an unrelated pair, I think I’m pretty far down on the wait list.  Fingers crossed!