Hey taxidermists of tumblr, I have a question for you. In the building where I work, the owner of the gallery has some old taxidermy he wants to get rid of. It used to be his fathers but he has no interest in it. He knows about my dabbling in taxidermy as was asking me how best to get rid of it. He has two full body leopard mounts, but when his father died the paperwork for them was lost in cleanup. He wants nothing more than to get rid of them because they “freak him out”. So I was wondering if there’s something he can do to sell them? Is there any way he can get a permit to sell these pieces? I believe they were mounted sometime in the 50’s or 60’s. maybe earlier.

Is there any way he can get a new permit to sell them? Where should I tell him to find that? Is there any way he can just give them away to someone without selling them? I would love to help him find a legal way to get rid of them.

Thank you!