The most complete natural history of the home and abroad. The mammalia 

by HG Ludwig Reichenbach.

Publication info Dresden; Expedition of the most complete natural history of 0.1845 to 1846

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Frank H. Netter (1906-1991)

Netter is the Norman Rockwell of Medical Illustration.

“Dr. Netter’s contribution to the study of human anatomy is epochal. He has advanced our understanding of anatomy more than any other medical illustrator since the 16th century, when Vesalius introduced drawings based on cadaveric dissections.” – Dr Michael Debakey

Unlike most sterile medical illustration, Netter aimed to include the human element in his pictures. His characters are real, they cry and they sweat and show emotion through the blood and disfigurement. Netter was as much about the psychology of the human condition as he was about accurate anatomy. 


John Collins Warren – Scientist of the Day

John Collins Warren, a Boston surgeon, died May
4, 1856, at the age of 77.

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Eggs! Not just for Easter, or breakfast. Mostly for the birds.

Top 3 images from Zur Fortpflanzungsgeschichte der gesammten Vögel… (1856?)
Bottom 2 images from British birds & their eggs : with a new method of identification (1909)