一只被围困的 鬣狗 Hyena 向一只野狗发动反击,南非 South Africa 萨比沙禁猎区 Sabi Sand Game Reserve。鬣狗生活在非洲地区,主要以动物腐肉为食。鬣狗牙齿的咬合力达到450公斤,能够轻易咬断动物骨骼,是咬合力最强的哺乳动物。摄影师:Marc Mol


All extant members of the family hyaenidae. Though hyenas resemble canines, they’re are actually closer related to cats and viverrids. This is convergent evolution at work.

Spotted Hyena are the largest and best known, but how fabulous are the other species?

From top to bottom they are: Aardwolf, Brown Hyena, Spotted Hyena, Striped Hyena.


Spotted hyenas laugh in anticipation of a meal!

When a hyena giggles, it actually means that it’s quite nervous about something. Spotted hyenas will often laugh in response to aggression from another hyena, or similar to the video above, when they are excited and anticipating a tasty meal.