A mama shrew and her babies. The mammalian society says “Young shrews are occasionally observed following their mother in a ‘caravan’. Each shrew grasps the base of the tail of the preceding shrew so that the mother runs along with a line of young trailing behind. This behavior is often associated with disturbance of the nest and may also be used to encourage the young to explore their environment.”


*squints* what kinda messed up bug is this— OH!! WOW!!




The larger North American mammals.;By Nelson, Edward William, Fuertes, Louis Agassiz, on Flickr.

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The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) has the largest baculum (penis bone) of any land mammal (or animal, for that matter). It is up to 25 inches (63 cm) in length – longer than even the largest African elephants. Their tusks, found on both males and females, can be up to a meter long, and can weigh over 12 lb (5.4 kg).

The thick whiskers of a walrus are called “vibrissae“ [PDF], and provide the creature tactile sensitivity when it’s foraging at night. Since it mostly eats crustaceans and clams on the seafloor, being able to feel the texture of the surface just below its nose is highly beneficial. If a clam burrows into the sand when it’s passed over by the whiskers, the walrus uses its strong front flippers to dig it out.

The only predators of the walrus are killer whales, polar bears, and humans.









I can’t stop staring at this fucking thing

I’m horrified and yet it’s so intriguing

what the fuck

They’re actually completely harmless.  I’ve seen people pick them up and put their clawed side down to their faces.  They don’t even pinch hard enough to hurt you!  The flappy part under there are their gills, the flappy part is how they swim, upside down and with claws doing the back stroke.  But on land they’re pretty much wiggling bait for gulls.

tldr – Horseshoe crabs are one of the most pathetic species on this planet even if they look like a facehugger from the Alien franchise wearing a funny hat.

I love horseshoe crabs ;0; totally harmless neato ancient arthopods babs.

All they wanna do is scuttle along the sand and nibble things and occasionally give the boys the piggyback ride of love.  <3

yessss, and their eyes are on top of their bodies so in this gif the poor thing was so confused. He’s just like why cant i fucking swim where the fuck is the water.

I keep moving my things and nothing is happening where the hell am I in limbo?!  Fuck I’m gonna be eaten don’t just stand there help a Limulidae out here!

Fun facts about these cute little suckers:

1. Those long pointy spikes on their butts aren’t dangerous. If they are out on dry land to have sex and they get flipped over, they use that tail spike to flip themselves back over. This keeps gulls from eating them.

2. They have 10 separate eyes all over the surface of their shells which help them see everything around them at any given time.

3. They have blue blood. This blood is also extracted by scientists and is used to treat diabetes, stomach ulcers and almost every form of cancer.

These little arthropods of the sea are cute and harmless and help save lives. Good on you, horseshoe crab.