Bill Durks suffered from a genetic disorder known as frontonasal dysplasia that made him appear to have two faces. Durks was not allowed to attend school as a child due to his appearance, and he was ostracized by the public and his family until he attended a sideshow fair. The showmen at the fair invited Durks to join them, and when he did he became “The Man With Three Eyes”. (His third, middle, eye did not actually exist, it was painted on for theatrical effect. In actuality he was blind in one eye, so he would be a one-eyed man.)

Due to his lack of an education, Bill Durks was illiterate and this lead to people taking advantage of him. Durks was well-liked though, and many other performers looked out for him and helped him. Eventually Bill Durks found love, when he was introduced to Mildred the Alligator-Skinned woman, another sideshow performer. Despite their appearances, the couple was very happy, and they stayed married until Mildred’s death in 1968. Bill Durks died in 1975.


Barnum & Bailey Circus press photo. Most likely taken around 1916.

George Auger (Born December 21, 1881 – Died November 30, 1922) stood 7’ 5" tall and was also known as The Cardiff Giant. Tom Sordie, who was possibly also known as Paul Horompo and/or Paul Horvath, stood 29" tall.