today i found out that when monarch butterflies migrate south for the winter, all the ones that go across the middle of lake superior suddenly stop going south and go west for five miles and then continue south. which really freaked scientists out cos like What is in the Middle of Lake Superior what do Butterflies know that We Dont Is This The End Times etc. anyway turns out about a hundred million years ago there was a mountain there and the butterflies still think they gotta fly around it. classic butterflies


Caption/opis: A dragon skeleton a friend made for me. Components: Sugar glider body, bat wings and a chameleon skull with claws for horns.
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In 1870, a French ophthalmologist named Edouard Meyer included a series of photos in his textbook on surgery. The film of the era was too “slow” to take photos of actual operations, so he staged photos using cadavers. In this photo, a clamp holds the eye open to show where a scalpel should be positioned to remove a cataract.


2,000-year-old roman face cream with visible, ancient fingermarks

Preserved within a small tin canister, the cream was discovered during excavations by Pre-Construct Archaeology of a Roman temple precinct on Tabard Street, Southwark in 2003. The main constituent of the cream was animal fat mixed with starch and tin oxide.



Devil’s Fingers

The picture above is of a mushroom thats thought to be a specimen of Clathrus archeri right before its fingers open up. It closely resembles a hand coming out of the ground. It even has the remnants of its tattered sleeves attached to the wrist.

That is so freakin’ cool.