Part of the joy of making: digging down the rabbit hole of preoccupations and childhood obsessions. Mining deep for the creative gold that lies buried there…….in my case: scientific models.
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Alright, I’ll do my best to explain this. In all of these images the skull is to the right and the tail is to the left, and the left image is the top view and the right image is the bottom view.

First two images are the cervical vertebrae. There should be 7 of these, including the atlas and axis, which are the very first two vertebrae and allow for side to side and up and down head movement.

The next set are the thoracic vertebrae, and there should be 14. These are the vertebrae that connect to the ribs.

Next set are the lumbar vertebrae, these are heavier set and there should be 6.

Next two are the sacral vertebrae, which are fused into one, and connects to the pelvis. In these pictures you can also see the beginnings of the caudal vertebrae, or the tail. I didn’t get close ups of the whole tail because its pretty straight forward, just line them up largest to smallest.
Well okay, I hope that is helpful! If you or anyone else ever needs and reference images I’d be happy to oblige. Happy articulating!