Slim Whitman (American, 1924 – Present) is a Tampa, FL native who was known for his abilities in yodeling and falsetto. With quite a singing range, he produced country music starting in 1948 and has sold over 120 million albums. He plays a left handed guitar, though he is right handed, due to an accident during which he lost nearly all of his middle finger on his left hand. 

This odd track starts off with a falsetto-like yodel, and progresses into a catchy yet mellow old fashioned country tune; the type you’d expect to hear during the fifties in the American west. 


The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Museum of Hunting and Nature) in Paris displays taxidermy and the weapons used to obtain the animals. There is also an art piece of an albino boar that moves and talks to visitors, in French of course.


Two of my arachnids that I preserved. An Indian Ornamental tarantula and an African Flat Rock Scorpion. I had them for a while before they died of unknown causes. 

I am open for arachnid preservation commissions, please PM me!