HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here is a beautiful Pumpkin Patch tarantula! I have one but she’s hiding haha (I would have posted yesterday but I work at the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park, so it was a busy night lol if anyone is in the San Diego area and comes by I’m going to be a giant spider tonight!) 

image source


“Plate II from Mortification (gangrene) chapter.
Figs 1 and 2 (bottom and centre right) show gangrena senilis – discolouration of the toes at the beginning of the disease.
Fig 3 (top left) gangrene of the toes.
Fig 4 (top right) mortification of the skin and subjacent cellular tissue from an obstacle to the return of the venous blood in consequence of disease of the heart.”

from Pathological anatomy : illustrations of the elementary forms of disease by Robert Carswell, 1838.