Buster ice skates past Cathy Henderson of San Marino.  Photo publshed in the Times Oct. 12, 1952. Credit: Leigh Wiener / Los Angeles Times

There was at least one question about the rollerskating rooster that I reblogged earlier, which I did on a whim, but now I’ve found out some more info.

This is Buster the Skating Rooster.  Here’s a better version of the image I reblogged.

A portrait of Buster on roller skates published in the Aug. 17, 1952, Los Angeles Times. Credit: Leigh Wiener / Los Angeles Times 

Fortunately, someone has written about these photos recently, giving us some more info.  The photo was originally taken by Leigh Wiener for the Los Angeles Times. He met Billy Lehr, who was teaching his rooster to roller skate, and presented the photographer with a rooster in overalls and his feet taped to roller skates.  Lehr would push the rooster and let him glide until his momentum stops.

Two months later, Wiener went back to see the rooster, who had now learned to ice skate as well, and the kids who hung around for the photo sessions couldn’t keep up with him.  The Times ran photos again, with the headline: 


Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on whether Buster enjoyed skating.  I’ve seen chickens wear clothes and even booties with no problem before, so it’s possible he was super chill and didn’t mind.  

Plus, apparently he wasn’t the only skating rooster.  I haven’t been able to find any info on him, but this guy showed up in my searching:

Hot damn.